B-B Behnke Trailers


Behnke Enterprises has been family owned, since day one, with our dedicated owners still logging long work weeks to bring you the best trailer money can buy.

With some of the mostĀ advanced equipment, our talented workforce, unrivaled finishes, and fanatical attention to detail, you will find that Behnke trailers are the highest quality on the market. Our trailers can be put to work day-in and day-out. We have one of the most diverse product lines, allowing our customers to order trailers with hundreds of custom options, specific to their needs.

From start to finish, our process is unmatched.

  • First, all steel used in the manufacturing of Behnke trailers is sourced from multiple Midwest steel distributors and mills to ensure that we are gettingĀ quality steel at the best prices possible.
  • We process all of our material internally on our saws, structural plasmas, structural lasers, and laser tables.
  • Material is then taken to our industrial shot blaster, so all steel is clean, virgin metal before being welded.
  • Next, our highly trained welders are provided material for each specific build.
  • When trailers leave welding they are taken to our wash room and are rinsed with an acid wash and then taken to a drying room where they undergo inspection while drying.
  • Once dry, we apply a zinc rich primer, then roll the trailer into our 1st convection oven, where the primer is cured.
  • We apply our powder coat top-coat and then bake the finish in our 2nd convection oven. Top-notch quality PPG ultra durable powders are exclusively used on all of our products to extend the longevity of our paint job. Our obsessive powder coat process gives us a leg up on the competition, because we go the extra mile to ensure you get the best paint job possible.
  • Next is our finishing area where the trailer starts to take shape: axles are mounted, electrical is run, air lines and hydraulics are plumbed if applicable, and reflector tape and decals are applied. All trailers have modular wire harnesses running thru conduit, and have flush mount LED lighting. We use top notch components such as Dexter axles and suspension, Hutch suspension, and Ridewell Suspension.
  • Finally, our trailers are taken to our decking department, where No. 1 treated yellow pine, rough oak, apitong, or composite decking is applied, and then the trailers are stacked.