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RA-1S 2.5 Gallon Gas Can Rack by RACK-EM


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RA-1S 2.5 Gallon Gas Can Rack by RACK-EM

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3/16/17 1 IN STOCK

2.5 Gallon Gas Can Rack

* Holds 2 gallon round steel gas cans and 2.5 gallon rectangle plastic gas cans for enclosed trailers.(rectangle such as Rubbermaid, Blitz and others, round such as Eagle, Just Rite and others).

* Holds rectangle plastic coolers (such as Igloo, Playmate Elite 7 quart capacity).

* It's a great way to organize your supplies and keep chemicals or your lunch from spilling or being trampled. Great for Hardscaping.

Weight: 12 pounds

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